50th Anniversary   of Calvary Baptist Church

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Church History

Calvary Baptist Church was founded in the year 1959 by Pastor Robert Erb.  The first service of the church were held in a home; however, soon afterward, the congregation voted to purchase the old St. Thomas Episcopal church property located at Route 8, on South Pioneer Road in Allison Park, Pennsylvania.  Several churches have been organized in this building since it was built in the year 1805.  It is now a land mark in Allegheny County.

In July of 1961, Pastor Erb resigned his pastorate here and accepted a call to a church in Greenport, New York.  Upon his resignation, a call was extended to Pastor William Kamerer, who was a graduate of Bible Baptist Seminary in Arlington, Texas.  In April of 1967, Pastor Kamerer resigned his position here and moved to California.

In June of 1967, a call was extended to Pastor Jesse Jones, who was a graduate of Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, Tennessee and who was then pastoring the Faith Baptist Church in Windsor, North Carolina.  The call was accepted and Pastor Jones moved with his family to Allison Park, in July of the same year.  Due to continuous growth, it became necessary to build a larger building  in 1970.  Plans for a new building were discussed in March and soon afterward the congregation voted to purchase a five acre - tract of land about 250 yards from their old property.  The foundation for the new building was completed in October of the same year.  A dedication service was held on November 1st, and over three hundred people attending the service.

In August of 1976, Pastor Jones resigned to take a pastorate in Sulfolk, Virginia.  A call was then extended to Pastor Richard Bailey in December of 1976.  Pastor Bailey resigned in May of 1979.

A call was then extended to Pastor Dennis Klett.  Pastor Klett came in June of 1979.  After five years of growth and labor Pastor Klett resigned in May of 1984.

In July of 1984 a call was extended to Pastor H. Edward Bales.  Pastor Bales accepted the call and started the first Sunday in august of 1984

On May 2, 1985, the church purchased the two properties due east of our present church

Pastor Bales resigned in September of 1987.  In September, a call was extended to Pastor Joe Grimaldi. Pastor Grimaldi became the Pastor on October 4th, 1987.  Pastor Grimaldi resigned in August 2000 and his last Sunday was September 3, 2000.  Pastor Grimaldi is now pastoring in Minnesota.

 In November a call was extended to Pastor Barry Murray.  Pastor Murray became the Pastor on November 12, 2000, and his first Sunday was December 10, 2000.  Since 2000 the church has undertaken a complete renovation of the church properties.  The auditorium has been re-carpeted and all the pews re-padded.  New restrooms have been installed on the main floor, which include a handicapped restroom.   The church has started a building fund with plans to re-pave the parking lot.  The church has seen steady growth over the past 7 years.  It has a bus ministry, nursing home ministry, teen group, kids club and a young-at-heart group for seniors.  The church has a conservative Bible-based direction.  The choir and musical groups sing gospel songs that stir the soul.  The church has a tremendous spirit and knows where it is headed.  The people are soul-conscious and mission-minded as they endeavor to spread the gospel into all the world.  It could be said that, at this time, the church has the mind of Christ, our wonderful Saviour.