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And He sent them to preach
Pastor Barry Murray

Pastor Barry Murray has served our congregation since December 12, 2000.   He and his family have a sincere desire to serve the Lord and feel it is a great privilege to pastor and be a servant to others. 

Pastor Murray graduated from Hyles–Anderson College in 1990 with a Bachelor's of Pastoral Theology degree. He earned his Masters of Theology degree several years later. He served in several successful ministries before coming to Calvary Baptist.  Pastor Murray has a heart for God and tends the flock at Calvary Baptist like a loving shepherd. 

He does not take his position lightly as he understands that God uses his teaching and preaching to change the lives of believers.  He diligently studies to teach, preach, and counsel us to focus on eternal values so we bear fruit of the Spirit in our walk with the Lord. 

Scripture tells us to serve one another.  Pastor Murray often tells us that he came to serve our congregation.  He need not voice this since it is evident in all that he is and does. 

We are thankful that the Lord has led him to pastor our church as we joyfully and thankfully serve the Lord and one another together.


Sermons by Pastor Murray

Listen to Pastor Murray's sermons by clicking on the sermon title below.  You can also download these MP3 files by right clicking on the title and "Save Target As" to a folder on your hard drive or flash drive.

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Sermon Library

Have you ever wondered why you should pray, how you should pray, and how God answers prayer?  Listen to these rich sermons on prayer and find out.

Prayer Series Sermons

  1. How To Get God Involved In Our Lives

  2. Build The Right Relationship With God

  3. Hallowed Be Thy Name

  4. Thy Kingdom Come

  5. Thy Will Be Done

  6. I Have Prayed For Thee

  7. Who Supplies the Willing?

  8. Four Prayer Partners

  9. Praying In the Right Neighborhood

  10. Enemies of Prayer

  11. Praying In One Accord

  12. I Cried In Five Phases

  13. The Proper Way To Approach God

  14. Why God Wants Me to Pray

  15. Show Yourself Strong Through Me

  16. What Is It?

  17. Multiply The Blessing

  18. They Continued

  19. Come Out of the Closet With Boldness

  20. Life Of Prayer



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