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A man that hath friends must show himself friendly
Men's Ministry
Part of what makes Calvary Baptist such a special church is the involvement and fellowship of our members.

We are not a spectator church. Most everyone is involved in something. The men get together the first Saturday morning of each month for a special prayer breakfast where they read and study the Bible, share testimonies, and pray together.

When work needs to be done at the church, many times you will find the men getting together to get it done.

It is not easy in today’s world for men to find fellowship that provides godly support, and that is what makes Calvary Baptist a special place for men. The early church gave us a pattern for Christ’s church and our aim is to model Calvary Baptist after that which has been established in scripture.


Ladies Ministry

Calvary Baptist is a special place for women. The Bible teaches us the role of a woman in the church, and a beautiful one it is.

The last Saturday morning of each month the women get together to share in a special time of fellowship. We share those things that only a woman’s heart knows as we pray and study His Word together.

We earnestly seek God’s leading as we know He can use us in powerful ways to influence our family and friends because of the special way He has created us.

We have holiday events that span the age group of every lady in our church. We attend retreats and recognize church members by sending birthday and anniversary cards. But most importantly, we support one another in prayers and guidance through all our joys, triumphs, challenges, and sorrows as we “love one another” in the way our Lord has taught.





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