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An Independent Baptist Church
Scripture tells us that Jesus came to build His church, with never a reference to building a denomination.  In the pattern that the apostles and disciples planted local churches throughout the New Testament, so are we planted in Allison Park to serve God with those who live in our community.  We are in love with our church and our Lord who died for it.


Music Ministry

Each Sunday service, our members are given the opportunity to minister to the Lord and others through the avenue of music.  The choir begins the service, and also provides one special number during each Sunday morning service. 

Members of the choir are also organized into duets, trios, quartets and ensembles, which provides Christ-honoring, heart-warming, beautiful music just before the message begins in the morning and evening services. 

Music is a wonderful avenue God has given to man to praise Him for His goodness and love.  Our music ranges from old-fashioned hymns (sung either a cappella or with piano accompaniment) to beautiful arrangements of newer songs, but all with the purpose of pointing the singer and hearer to Christ, and preparing our hearts to hear from God's Word.


Worship Services

Sunday morning begins with Sunday School for all ages with the main service following.

All services are very traditional and are focused on bringing glory to God and praising His name. Sunday morning services include choir, special music, hymns, prayers, and a sermon that is generally topic specific.

At Calvary Baptist, sermons are the focus of the service. It is Godís Word that we come to hear since it is what nourishes our Spirit and sustains us in this difficult world.

Sunday night sermons are also usually topical and extremely rich in content. If you are visiting our church, donít make the mistake of dismissing Sunday night as an option. You will find attendance is less, but the sermons are rich beyond measure.

The focus of Wednesday evening is also Bible study that is designed to help us grow in our understanding of Godís Word and His will for our lives.


Sunday morning and evening sermons and Wednesday evening Bible classes are recorded and available for listening.  You can also click on the links to the left to hear any of the recorded sermons.  Many shut-in members who cannot attend services listen to them, as well as many members who listen to them during their drive time to work.

Many sermons are presented in a series, such as the twenty-sermon series on Prayer. People from across the country have received these as gifts and call to tell us how their lives have been changed by listening to the inspiring and thought provoking messages.

This has been a special ministry and is dear to the hearts of many of our members. Please call our church office if you are interested in knowing the availability of the different series.

Click here to listen to sermons.



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