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"Life Begins at Calvary"

For of such is the kingdom of heaven
Teens & Juniors
We have an energetic and involved youth group that is very important in the life of our church. Their musical gifts are used, whether harmonizing piano and flute or singing special music as a group in the service once a month. 

They participate in a number of weekly activities such as soul winning every Saturday and every other Sunday, and visiting neighborhoods in the surrounding communities.  They are active participants in the service of the Lordís work as they visit those who are disabled and cannot attend services. 

They participate in age-oriented Sunday school class where they continue to learn about Scripture and how to apply it to their lives.  To cultivate a spirit of fellowship, they participate in at least one special fun activity per month. 

There are always lots of activities going on throughout the year that keep them learning, growing, and involved -  such as summer camp, youth conferences, picnics, sledding, and holiday events. 

They also participate in fund raising events to help offset the costs for different activities.  We view our youth as active participants in the life of the church and they love it.                                                                          


Kid's Club

On Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m., we have a class called Kids' Club for children age four through sixth grade.  This class is for the children of adults who have come to attend Bible study in the main auditorium. 

This is an hour of action-packed singing, stories, games and Bible lessons.  The kids earn points on a quarterly basis for attendance, bringing Bibles, learning memory verses, and bringing an offering for Jesus. 

At the end of each quarter, the students get to "go shopping" in the Treasure Chest as a reward for their faithfulness and participation throughout the quarter. 

One of our highlights each year is the annual "Harvest Party" in October, where we choose a theme for costumes, and have games, candy, prizes, fun, and an all-around good time during class that night! 

Learning the truths of God's Word in a fun environment is the goal of Kids' Club.




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